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How KaKa Racing started.

KaKa Racing started way back in the day when Brothers, Bill and Tony Callister were just weee whipper snappers. It all started with Motocross. They formed their family team, Callister Callister Racing, with their Mum and Dad as Team Mangers and Sponsors.

Living on the Isle of Man, help to fuel the love of road bike and road racing. Although motocross is in the boys hearts, Road Racing and the TT Course was what they wanted to do. Eventually in 2004, the temptation became too much and they made the transition to Road Racing. With the change they formed a new Team, KaKa Racing, aka Callister Callister Racing.

How KaKa Racing went Global.

As mentioned previously KaKa Racing started with brothers Bill and Tony. After Bill started racing close friend John Lightbowne also had a short lived race career in 2005/2006 under KaKa Racing while Steve O’Connor had raced motocross with the lads for a few years earlier.

KaKa Racing first hit the international scene back in 2005 when Tony Callister decided to emigrate across the pond to the United States. After settling in to the American way of life, Tony decided to start road racing. Soon after Tony's departure, Steve ‘Foddlington’ O’Connor emigrated to the other side of the world to Australia. With 2 amazing motocross tracks on his doorstep his Australian racing career was launched.

In 2006 Bill raced his second Manx GP and unfortunately his brother Tony was unable to attend due to work commitments in the States. While Bill raced, Tony trawled the Net for pics and info on how Bill was getting on. Everything he found he posted on the 600rr forum. Unbeknown to KaKa Racing there was someone else in America extremely interested in how we were getting on. After posting on one of Tony’s threads, Tony followed a link to the MadManx website to find at the top of his links page, the KaKa Racing logo with the line ‘two guys living my dream’. After several emails we made a new friend Tony Bakker, an American racer whose dream was to visit and race the Isle of Man.

Team KaKa Tacing 2007

In 2008 Tony Bakker visited the Isle of Man, unfortunately not to watch the TT or Manx GP but to watch the Southern 100. An event Bill was taking part in. After some planning Bill arranged to meet up with Tony Bakker and took him down to the racing and then to show him the sights of the Isle of Man. After his short visit Bill and Tony both knew they’d made a friend for life.

Later on in 2008 Bill was racing at Anglesey with another friend Jeff Booth who was now becoming Bills arch nemesis at every race meeting they attended together. After yet another close battle with Jeff, they were chatting in the bar where Bill found Jeff not belonging to any team as such, so Bill invited Jeff to join KaKa Racing which he gladly did. Since this Jeff and his family have become close friends with Bills family.

In 2010 Bill received a phone call from Tony Bakker requesting if his close racing friend Patrick Williams could join KaKa Racing. Like Jeff, Patrick wanted to join a race team. With Bills blessing Patrick joined KaKa Racing and both Patrick and Tony Bakker representing KaKa Racing on the West Coast of America.

So what of the Future.

Since 2004 both Bill and Tony have worked hard to acheive their goals of racing the Manx GP, which they both have. But things have not stopped there. Now Jeff and Tony Bakker have set their sights on racing on the island.

Please enjoy your time here and discover what all the Lads are doing now.

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